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Options-Trading-System publishes the following trading services: NOS Uncovered Options - QQQ and NOS Uncovered Options - SPY.

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Newsletter Puts - Short Subscription $ / yr Avg # of Trades / mo
NOS Uncovered Options - QQQ* NOS Uncovered Options - QQQ issues trade alerts involving Puts - Short. $914 3
NOS Uncovered Options - SPY* NOS Uncovered Options - SPY issues trade alerts involving Puts - Short. $914 3

We have been in service of generating trading signals for uncovered QQQ and SPY put options since 2005. Our signals are very simple and straightforward. We provide recommended open, exit and stop-loss prices. Our system is based on MarketVolume's proprietary volume based technical indicators. One subscription covers both QQQ and SPY trading systems, yet, on your choice, you may autotrade either QQQ or SPY or both systems.

Entry and exit prices in our history are based on the confirmations received from our autotrading brokers.  If after your subscription our system does not generate profitable signals (summary monthly return is negative or equal to zero), contact us and we will not charge you for that month by adding one free month to your account (by shifting your next recurring date one month ahead).

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