On the next screen you get to pick between a cash account and a margin account. The image below shows a description of each.


Cash and Margin account description

Most people should choose Reg T Margin. Even if your account holds more than 100k, Global AutoTrading still recommends against using portfolio margin. It may allow the account to open more positions, but increased volatility can quickly rob the account of excess liquidity, causing IB to close some positions, often at the worst time. Furthermore, when trying to close positions, sometimes portfolio margin requirements will prevent the closing of a leg of a spread due to some non-obvious margin grouping (this can also happen with Reg T margin, but in that case it is usually obvious why a leg can’t be closed; not so with portfolio margin).  IRA accounts can choose Reg T Margin. The account won't be able to sell short stocks, but it will be able to enter spreads, etc. Clients who only want to trade long stocks (no short stocks, and no options), and only have USD in their account, can choose a cash account.



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