Even if a broker doesn't charge an extra fee for autotrading, you may still end up paying more than if you were using Global AutoTrading. Please take a look at Interactive Brokers' cost comparison page to see how good their rates are. Also, don't forget that you may be able to benefit from the tiered volume discounts that the broker offers for option trades as we trade through each month (the broker combines the volume for all Global AutoTrading clients when applying the discount, thus even small accounts can benefit).

In addition to cost, Global AutoTrading can also compete on other grounds:

1. Global AutoTrading often gets fills when other autotrading services don't. Not all newsletters' recommendations are difficult to fill. Newsletters that recommend buying/selling at the market, for example, are easy (although, in that case reacting quickly can help get a better price). But for newsletter recommendations that are difficult to fill (like those dealing with options and combinations at limit prices), using Global AutoTrading can make the difference between following the newsletter and sitting on the sidelines. For example, please take a look at Global AutoTrading's page for the newsletter 10% per Month. That page shows stats on how Global AutoTrading does compared to some other autotrading services. On that page, the more green you see in a column the better. Global AutoTrading's column has more green than any other autotrader!

2. Global AutoTrading is flexible. We can work with newsletters that other autotraders don't want to follow.

3. Global AutoTrading accepts international clients. If you're considering another autotrading service, and you live outside the US, you might just be out of luck. Please contact us to confirm that we can work with residents from your Country.

4. Global AutoTrading has discounts. Please see our current promotions page.

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