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We are a small group of investors who primarily invest our own funds in various trading opportunities. We first traded gold back in 1980 when our charts consisted of simple graphs updated manually on a daily basis for the calculation of moving averages, etc. These days you can find moving averages, stochastics, Relative strength Index, MACD and a multitude of other indicators at the push of button. We are of the firm belief that it is the correct interpretation of these indicators along with a good understanding of the fundamentals and market timing that are crucial to sound decision-making. We trade only on the North American markets, as this is where we see the real action being based.

My qualifications include being Chartered (which is similar to being a Professional Engineer in Canada) along with a Masters Degree in Project Management from South Bank University, London, England. I spent many years working on Oil projects in Alberta including the tar sands installations in Fort McMurray.

My partner is much younger and provides valuable input and views in line with his generations thinking.

The purpose of our website is to publish our research and strategies for you to take on board and use as you wish. We also encourage you to comment on our articles as we may have overlooked a vital piece of data and always appreciate positive input.

Try to enjoy your trading in a relaxed, calm and happy manner. Never hit a play too hard, it may hit you back.

The Gold Prices Team:

Bob Kirtley

Sam Kirtley

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