What is Autotrading?

Regardless if it's spelled Autotrading, AutoTrading, Auto Trading or Auto-Trading, one thing for sure is that autotrading is an unfortunate choice of name. If you found this page by searching the web, congratulations! You managed to avoid all the pages that dealt with selling cars.

Autotrading is a service that executes an investment newsletter's trade alerts in an investor's brokerage account. As an investment newsletter publishes email alerts to buy and sell stocks or options, the autotrading service receives those trade alerts directly and enters trades in each investor's account. Each investor has their own private brokerage account; they just give the autotrader the permission to enter trades in that account. Only the investor can deposit or withdraw money from the account. The investor specifies how much money to allocate to each trade.

Autotrading services do not publish newsletters or recommend investments; they just execute the recommendations.

Why Autotrade?

There are several reasons why autotrading makes sense. Here are a few:

Autotrading lets you go on with your day

When using an autotrading service, you don't have to be on the look-out for trade alerts all day to know when to buy or be watching the stock market all day to know when to sell.

The autotrader does all the leg work

Some financial newsletters follow complex strategies like Iron Condors which can be difficult to implement. When using an autotrading service you can just sit back and watch the trade confirmations flow in (or not!).

Manage several investment newsletters simultaneously

It can be difficult to decide which investment newsletter to follow. If you try to follow more than one, you might find yourself missing alerts, or even worse, missing exit signals, which means you could be losing some hard-earned profits or allowing losses to grow, without realizing it until it's too late. An autotrading service has the tools in place to track large amounts of newsletters, buy and sell signals, and trailing stops.

Setting Up Your Own Autotrading Account

Setting up an autotrading account with Global AutoTrading is simple. The diagram on the right shows what you, the Investor, need to do.

You may already have a subscription to an investment newsletter.

You should start by signing up with Global AutoTrading. Shortly after you sign up You will receive an email invitation to open an account with the broker, or instructions for setting up your account for autotrading with Global AutoTrading. After the account with the broker is created, you'll need to deposit some funds in your brokerage account. This is your money; you can add to it or take out the money whenever you want (just like a bank account).

Setting Up an Autotrading Account

Your Next Task: Sit Back and Relax

When the setup is complete, Global AutoTrading takes over.

Global AutoTrading will receive investment newsletters (trade alerts) directly from the newsletter publisher. The investor will still get a copy of these emails, to read at their leisure.

Global AutoTrading will then execute the recommendations specified in the newsletters, follow trailing stops, etc.

Both Global AutoTrading and the broker will send reports to the investor; the investor will be fully aware of what is going on in their brokerage account.

How Autotrading Works


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