Flat Monthly Autotrading Fee

Global AutoTrading charges a flat per-service, per-account monthly fee for autotrading for accounts with less than $100k in equity:

  • The first service autotraded in an account is $70 per month;
  • the second service costs an additional $30 per month;
  • each subsequent service. costs an additional $10 per month.

Some newsletters require more than one allocation line (for example, if the newsletter trades both stocks & options); each allocation line counts as a service for autotrading billing purposes. You are free to autotrade only stocks or options (or both).

For accounts with more than $100k in equity, a multiplier is applied to the per-service fees described above. The multiplier is the account's net liquidation value divided by 100,000. For example, an account with a net liquidation value of 150k USD autotrading a single service would pay $70 x (150k / 100,000) = $70 x 1.5 = $105 per month. The net liquidation value used will be the highest net liquidation value in the current calendar month. The tiered volume discounts that the broker offers for option trades can be larger than the Global AutoTrading fee (the broker combines the volume for all Global AutoTrading clients when applying the discount).

If you want to use multiple accounts (with the same broker), the 2nd and subsequent accounts get 20% off of their monthly autotrading fee (whether they are trading the same newsletters or not).

Please see also the current promotions page to see the various discounts available!

There is no long term commitment required, and you do not need to prepay for more than one month at a time. If you stop autotrading with at least 3 days notice before the next billing date, you will not be charged for the next month.

Broker Fees

In addition to the monthly fee, you will need to pay commission fees and other fees brokers typically charge (such as margin interest, if you borrow money from the broker). However, you may be able to benefit from the tiered volume discounts that the broker offers for option trades as we trade through each month (the broker combines the volume for all Global AutoTrading clients when applying the discount, thus even small accounts can benefit).

For more details about the broker's fees, including various exchange fees for option trades, please see the broker's web site.

The minimum capital required for opening an account is only $5000.

Newsletter Subscription Fees

You also need to pay the subscription fees directly to the newsletters you want us to autotrade.

Why a Monthly Fee?

Global AutoTrading does not mark up the broker fees at all. What your account is being charged by the broker goes all to the broker. Global AutoTrading could mark-up the broker fees, but we felt that having a monthly fee would free people from worrying about how often newsletters trade so as not to incur too much commission fees. If you take a look at Interactive Brokers' cost comparison page for example you'll see that autotrading through Global AutoTrading can be cheaper than autotrading through competitors, even including Global AutoTrading's monthly fee.

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