Why Global AutoTrading

Global AutoTrading does the leg work for you

You would like to follow an investment newsletter's recommendations and achieve the same kind of results as they claim. However, you don't have the time to monitor your email account all day to be on the look-out for trade alerts.

You might have noticed that prices for stocks and options often react after a buy/sell recommendation from a newsletter; they can move up on a buy recommendation and down on a sell recommendation. That's good if you are the first one to enter the position, but bad if you are not quick enough to follow the recommendation before other traders. The more time elapses between a recommendation is sent out and when you enter your trade, the more profit you potentially lose. Furthermore, newsletters usually mandate price limits on their recommendations. If you don't act quick enough, the price could move outside the limit, which means you might not even be able to enter the recommended trade. Not only does your portfolio not go up, but you also end up wasting the money you paid for the newsletter subscription!

Global AutoTrading gets you good fills

Global AutoTrading is so quick that you will often get Global AutoTrading' trade confirmation email at the same time as you get the trade alert! We also monitor the market action for opened positions, and close positions as newsletters recommend. This helps you get good fills, both when opening and when closing positions.

Global AutoTrading can handle multiple accounts

It doesn’t matter how many investment newsletters you subscribe to, or how many brokerage accounts you have (perhaps you have a personal account, a corporate account, an IRA account); we can autotrade them all! Both equity and option recommendations are supported.

Global AutoTrading can handle many newsletter

If you're not sure which newsletter to choose, try several of them! You will get detailed portfolio reports that show how well each newsletter is doing.

Global AutoTrading lets you pick which recommendations to follow

Perhaps you like an investment newsletter's stock picks, but don't want to follow their option picks. With Global AutoTrading, you can decide! You can allocate money independently to stock recommendations, option recommendations, and combinations. You can use margin or not use margin when possible.

Monitor your brokerage account

This is not a mutual or hedge fund. You will have your own brokerage account. You will simply be giving Global AutoTrading the permission to trade in your account. You will be the only one allowed to add and withdraw money from your account.

Try it for free

Sign up with Global AutoTrading today and you will get to try it free (you still need to pay broker commission and newsletter subscription fees if they do not also offer a free trial). If after your trial period you don’t feel this is the easiest and most economical way to manage your portfolio then you simply stop autotrading and owe nothing to Global AutoTrading.

No long term commitment

First, you get to try the service for free; then, you never need to prepay for more than one month at a time; finally, you can cancel anytime you want.

Service Updates

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